Perksy Is The Best And Easiest Survey App To Make Money

Perksy is the best mobile survey app I found that made me extra pocket money using my smartphone. This is the easiest way to earn free gift cards online by answering simple questions! The best part is it doesn't feel like a survey!

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Published: October 8, 2019

Modified: June 20, 2020 (4 years ago)

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You have probably tried searching for the best money making apps but couldn’t find an actual legit one that worked. The sites and apps either took too long to complete that you just gave up or they asked you for payment information which you didn’t want to give in.

I have been there before while trying to look for other ways to make extra pocket money on the side. I stumbled upon many until I finally discovered a free mobile app called ‎Perksy

You can download the Perksy App only for iOS devices here:

Just like their slogan says, it’s “an app that pays you to play.” Enough said! And like many, I was very skeptical at first and thought it was just another impossible survey that asked you endless questions before introducing you to more endless questions (some even personal like your credit card and home address).

But hey, I decided to give it a shot and after a few months with less than an hour of actually using the app, I was able to earn myself a free $25 Gift Card of my choice!

They have a wide collection of Gift Cards, such as Nike,, eBay, Uber, Sephora, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, AMC, Target, GameStop, Domino's, Footlocker, and many more.

Here is proof of the $25 Sephora Gift Card that I redeemed. I don't mind sharing because I already used it all up 😜

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Don't judge me. Haha kidding, I gave it to my wife. Or did I? 🧐 Anyways...

What made ‎‎Perksy so enjoyable for me was it’s clear and simple experience walking you through relatable yet non-personal questions regarding lifestyle and general products.

Some general questions like: What's your favorite food? How often do you drink? When do you sleep?

Typically, you are given a quick 2-minute survey every other day consisting of under 10 multiple choice questions. With your smartphone, all you have to do is tap and hold to answer and move onto the next question.

And by the end of the short survey, you will be awarded with points usually around ~100. Depending on your answers and match with the survey's case study, you may be given points ranging from 10 to even as high as 300 (my friend once received this).

Persky’s points system is 100 points per $1, but you can only redeem it as a Gift Card when you reach to at least 2500 points ($25).

Since ‎Perksy is a COMPLETELY FREE app for users where the company pays YOU instead, they can only provide users a few surveys at a time. So be understanding that sometimes it may take up to a few weeks to receive your next survey!

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Given that each survey typically earns you around ~100 points on average, this means that you only need to complete ~25 quick 2-minute surveys.

25 surveys x 2 minutes = 50 minutes. So only an hour's worth of time to earn $25!

Hope you enjoy one of these life hacks 😉 And let's wish for ‎Perksy to continue to grow and become the best rewards app out there! 🍀